Initially starting off as a concept for a time-travel themed short-film What Goes Up is written by independent filmmakers Andrew Coates and Matt Gambell. During the writing process they realised that the story became more about the characters and the situations they were being placed in and the device used to escalate that story became less and less of a priority and so the story became more about the characters and their interactions. It also became much more in depth than they had initially planned as they both got carried away with these characters and their stories, slowly realising between the two of them that they were in-fact developing a feature length film script instead.

As the script developed and was near completion and in May of 2013 the pre-production process began which would have been something of a challenging for just two people, so Matt and Andrew rallied a group of colleagues to work with them on bringing this film to life. Two months were spent by the team gathering resources, locations, crew and everything else required to get the project off the ground. The team successfully raised just over £3,500 through crowd funding to develop the film and receiving plenty of resources in-kind such as locations, equipment and crew. With plenty of discussion the team also decided to shoot on a RED Digital Cinema Camera to experience working with truly cinematic footage and with the incoming array of 4K televisions making sure that their film would still look great to people that had invested with years to come.

Shooting took place in the second week of July with the first week dedicated to rehearsals and working dedicated and sometimes rather lengthy 18+ hour days the entire film was completed in just over three weeks.

Jump forward a year and we’re nearly done and looking to release the film later this year. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved here for such a small team and budget and we’re incredibly thankful to anybody that donated and/or worked on the project, we can’t wait for you to see the final product! Thanks!